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Hiding and Unhiding Companies
Hiding and Unhiding Companies

If you don't wish to see certain companies or IP-address in Leadfeeder, you can choose to hide this information.

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In case you do not want to see a certain visitor or IP-address in Leadfeeder, you can choose to hide this information in the tool itself.

Hiding Companies Explained

Your Leadfeeder subscription is based on the average number of companies we identify on your website each month.

We count each identified company once per month, regardless of how many times they visit in that month. For example, if Ikea visited your website 5 times in September it is counted as 1 in September. If Ikea visited again but in October, it is counted as 1 in October.

We count the average number of identified companies daily during your first three months with Dealfront and after that monthly on the 1st of the month for the previous month. If you joined us in the middle of a month, we won’t start counting your identified companies until the next full month begins.

If you decide you no longer want to see a certain company in your Leadfeeder activity, and so don't want to be billed for this identification, you would need to hide this company as soon as possible, ideally daily, following the steps below.

How to Hide a Company


Click on a company in your feed.


Click on the Hide symbol (highlighted on the screenshot below) where you can choose to either hide all visits coming from the company, regardless of location, or only visits from this company from this location. Complete the step by choosing an option and clicking on Hide. Companies can only be hidden one by one, not in bulk.

Please note: Hiding a company will delete all earlier visit details and historical data of that company. Please, also note that if you hide a company from your feed, it will automatically be hidden from all of your company's Dealfront users, too. In case you have set up CRM integration with Dealfront, a hidden company will also not be reported in the CRM in the future. 

How to Unhide a Company

If you have hidden a company by mistake, or simply no longer wish for that identified company to be hidden you can easily un-hide it.

Navigate to Account Settings > Hidden Companies, find the company you wish to unhide and click Unhide Company - it's as easy as that!

Please note: If you hide a company and unhide it later, the identified company may have been removed from our database and may not show up in your account, regardless of the company visiting your company again.


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