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Why Does Leadfeeder Show My Google Analytics View As ‘Insufficient Permissions’?
Why Does Leadfeeder Show My Google Analytics View As ‘Insufficient Permissions’?
If your Google Analytics view is showing insufficient permissions you will want to update it to keep Google Analytics connected.
Written by Aleksi Vassiliev
Updated over a week ago

Why is there an insufficient permissions notice in my Google Analytics view settings?

Leadfeeder connects to Google Analytics as an integration to enhance the leads we identify. If this is showing as 'insufficient permissions' you may not have the proper access to Google Analytics with the email you supplied.  While Google Analytics isn't required as Leadfeeder Tracker does all the work, you may still want to fix this for Mailchimp integrations and other data.

You can take the following steps to fix this problem:

  • Make sure that you have access to the Google Analytics account. The error could be a result of changed access rights. You can view your Google Analytics accounts here.

  • If your email account is not listed as a user under the account, or you don't have access to the Google Analytics account, talk with your team to request being added as a user.

  • If you are connected with the wrong Google account you will want to change your linked account in Leadfeeder.Navigate to your Personal settings, then Google Accounts. Here you can detach any inaccurate accounts and add the account with the proper access.

  • If your permissions are verified and you should have full access with the current settings click the 'reconnect' button.

If the problem persists, please contact our support.

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