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How to setup Leadfeeder's IP Enrich API
How to setup Leadfeeder's IP Enrich API
How to verify if your IP Enrich API key is working
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IP Enrich allows our customers and prospects to query our internal database to pull specified firmographic data on a company, if a successful match is found. A customer makes a call to our server through the API and returns a match. This article helps to make sure everything is running properly.

NOTE: It is very important to remember that the customer will need to have their own internal tech team or knowledge of how to use an API to start the trial.

Here's the steps to verify if your IP Enrich API key is working.

STEP 1: In order to start, please tick the check box to accept the Terms and conditions and then start the IP Enrich API 30-day free trial:

Then copy the IP Enrich API key in the connector configuration tab:

STEP 2: Open and read through the IP Enrich API connector documents HERE.

The Enrich API Documentation provides the customer with the full schema of what is possible with the API and can be used to explain what information they can query from our database.

STEP 3: Check what is your IP address through this third-party link HERE.

  • Replace API_KEY with your actual API key.

  • Replace the word string with your IP address.

  • Open your terminal and execute it to get one of the 3 types of results below:

Once you finish setting up the API, we track the matches over the 30-day trial period to calculate the match rate and thus pricing.


In the tab Stats, you can see up to 6 months' statistics and how many matches have been done during each month.

If Leadfeeder is able to identify the company behind the IP then that will be counted as a match.

If you want to learn more about IP Enrich API or talk to our data experts then check out this link HERE.

As with everything else - if you have questions please reach out to support via live chat or email


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