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Remove HubSpot Integration from Dealfront
Remove HubSpot Integration from Dealfront

In this article we'll explain how to quickly remove your HubSpot integration from Dealfront.

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To fully remove the HubSpot integration from Dealfront please follow the 2-step process below.

STEP 1: Login to your Dealfront account with access rights to integrations and navigate to Settings > Account > Integrations > HubSpot. Here you can trigger the removal process by clicking on the Remove button and confirming the removal on the next page.

STEP 2: You now need to finalise the removal of the HubSpot integration from your HubSpot account.

Login to your HubSpot account with admin rights. Click on the "gear" icon on the top-right side.

Go to Integrations > Connected Apps and look for Dealfront (or Leadfeeder if you're using an old integration). Under the Actions dropdown click Uninstall and follow the steps.

To archive the custom properties created as part of the integration for the company and deals, navigate to Properties under the Data Management heading on the left hand menu.

  1. Under the "Select an object" dropdown choose Company properties and then "Search" for Dealfront (or formerly Leadfeeder) in this list.

  2. Select any available custom fields and then click on Archive.

  3. Repeat the same steps (1 and 2) for Deal properties.

Please note: Removing the app from your HubSpot account will stop the Dealfront integration from working. Objects (companies), tasks, deals, or notes created from Dealfront will not be affected by the removal of the application.


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