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Browse core company data all in one place within the Connect tool.

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You can browse core company data all in one place within the Connect tool.

We retrieve the company name, company website, address, and general contact options in a Connect listing from entries in the trade register as well as publicly accessible legal notices on each company's individual website.

Active company” means that the selected company is “active in business” and that there is no publicly available information that could indicate whether the company is in the process of liquidation or has already been dissolved.

The company description is taken from each respective company's website, as well as descriptions listed on search engines that have been written and uploaded by the company themselves. We also include company descriptions from business portals such as Xing or LinkedIn.

The keywords associated with a company are automatically assigned based on information such as the identified industry code and analysed text from the company website.

The centre column lists the most important key numbers of the selected company:

First, there is the “employee cluster”, a company size classification based on key numbers and text analysis. The actually known employees are listed below. This number indicates the number of employees that Dealfront was able to clearly identify and match with their employing company.

Revenue numbers are based on published company reports. Estimates are based on financial numbers that have not been published and were instead calculated using other published information.

Information regarding the founding year is based on several sources, including entries in the trade register as well as company accounts in business networks. The year listed always refers to the last change of company type.

The business code is matched by the Dealfront AI.

The information band lists further interesting and useful information regarding the currently selected company. Here, you will be able to find the trade register number, matching social media accounts, and other important company IDs. Click on the gear icon at the bottom right to customise the information displayed and to remove any sections that you don't need.


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