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Publicly available information, including employee and contact information, is available in the Connect company listings.

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We list the indexed sources of the displayed information and the most current date of data capture in order to provide more transparency and security. Information from business networks such as Xing and LinkedIn is particularly prone to frequent changes, which is why we recommend our users double-check the capture dates on the displayed information before making contact with prospective clients.

The contact information of employees will be displayed as soon as it is registered by our system.

Please note: All contact-related email addresses are subject to an email validation process. Throughout this process, we perform various tests to determine whether or not the email addresses actually exist and whether or not they are able to receive emails.

The green checkmark next to an email address indicates a successful validation. It shows that we were able to receive a positive and secure response from the corresponding mail server.

Dealfront also differentiates between employees and so-called connected people.

The latter are people that could not be clearly identified as employees, but are mentioned frequently together with the name of the company. You can select which category of people you would like to display in the overview:

The category “connected people” often lists former employees. The following example displays people that were mentioned in the Dealfront Salesblog as well as participants of our client workshops.

We also recommend acquiring further information from the listed sources before attempting to contact prospective clients.


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