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Sources of Our News & Signals
Sources of Our News & Signals

Discover how Dealfront gathers and processes information from and about companies.

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Dealfront gathers and processes information from and about companies in near real-time. This ongoing process allows Dealfront to display permanent as well as recently published content in the Connect overviews.

This content is gathered from publicly available sources on the internet. This includes news websites, the trade register, the business networks Xing and LinkedIn, and company websites.

Social media content is gathered from the platforms Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Twitter.

The standard view in a Connect company listing displays messages from social media as well as the news sources listed above. You can customise this view.

A “news” posting is created as soon as a gathered piece of information is matched with a company by the Dealfront AI. The matching process does not require the full name of a company; a common abbreviation of the company or the mention of an employee associated with the company is enough to mark the information as relevant news.

News sources are displayed with their own icons and listed directly behind the news posting inside the widget. Clicking on a line will take you to the original source of the news posting.

If the Dealfront AI was able to match a single news posting to one out of a total of 33 “signal types”, we call this a “signal” news posting.

This additional categorisation will help you keep an overview amongst masses of incoming news postings and will allow you to perfectly time your contact with prospective clients.

The signal type is displayed above the news source in the overview.


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