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An Overview of Target Filters
An Overview of Target Filters

This article gives an overview about using filters in the Dealfront Target App.

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The Dealfront Target app has many powerful filters for a wide range of different use cases. You can combine these filters to find your ideal customers in just a few clicks.

Some of our filter categories include:


Find companies with industry codes, our industry catalogue or using automatically associated keywords.


Look for people in any department, on different hierarchy levels or with specific job titles.


Use keywords to browse through websites, job platforms & social media to find relevant companies from your target audience.

Trigger Events

Filter for important events from companies, e.g building projects, expansions, trade fair visits or a change in staff.

Filters in Detail

We've provided a brief overview of each filter and what it does below.

Company Filters

Company Search

Search for specific companies and in company descriptions

Website Search

Search for specific content on company websites

Keyword and Topic Search

Search for companies based on predefined keywords and topics

Company Size

Search by number of employees in the company

Company Profile Completeness

Only search for companies with phone number, website or social media account.

Contact Filters

Department & Hierarchy

Find contacts in specific departments and hierarchy levels

Job Title Search

Find contacts with specific job titles

Contact Profile Completeness

Only find contacts with phone number, email address or social media accounts

Contact Location

Show only contacts located in a specific country

Software & Systems

E-commerce & Shop Systems

Find companies that have integrated certain shop systems on their websites



Find companies in specific industries

NACE Codes

Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE Rev. 2)

WZ Codes

Industrial classification according to the Federal Statistical Office (WZ 2008)

Regional Filters

Countries & Regions

Filter by countries or regions


Find companies within a defined radius of a city or postal code

Postal Code Areas

Find companies in specific postal code areas

News & Trigger Events

Trigger Events

Search for business relevant events about companies

Financial Figures


Find companies in a certain revenue range

Filters for Lists

Similar Companies

Find B2B lookalikes to companies you already know

Company List

Include or exclude saved company lists

Exclude Exports

Exclude companies and contacts that have already been exported

Cluster Lookalikes

Find B2B lookalikes to selected company clusters using AI Tool segmentation


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