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The Dealfront Products
The Dealfront Products

Find out more about each of the individual products that makes up the Dealfront platform.

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The Dealfront platform is made up of a set of individual products (or tools or apps). You can gain access to the products by purchasing one of our two solutions:

  • Web Visitors Identification

  • Sales Intelligence

In this article we've explained what each one does in a couple of sentences.


Find companies and contacts of interest by using a combination of filters to search through Target's GDPR compliant database. Choose from over 100 available filters and export the data, including contact details, in multiple different formats to suit your use case.


Thoroughly qualify your target companies and gain further insight into their operations with Connect. Plus, configure alerts to get notified when certain trigger events occur for businesses of interest e.g. job openings, financial gains, news stories, etc.


Update your existing company data using Datacare. Enrich your database and keep it free from faulty, out of date or duplicate information and add any additional attributes we hold.


Identify the companies that are visiting your website with the Leadfeeder tracker. Instantly view companies of greatest interest to you by segmenting your visitors using the inbuilt comprehensive filter system. Automatically send the most interesting visits directly to your sales team via email or CRM integration.


Place B2B display ads in front of chosen companies by targeting their specific IP addresses with Promote. Manage and track your campaigns directly from the dashboard.


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