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Integrate Google Analytics with Dealfront
Integrate Google Analytics with Dealfront

How can I connect my sites Google Analytics views to Dealfront and why should I?

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Update: On July 1st 2023, Google shut down Universal Analytics, replacing it with GA4. This stops our Dealfront Google Analytics integration from receiving new data. At this time, there is no new data available to the integration from GA4.

We are actively working on replacing our Google Analytics integration with a new Google Ads integration. This integration will provide all the same value as before, showing the keywords and campaigns that brought companies to your website/s, we also be able to provide even deeper insights on campaign performance. Find out more here.

Keep an eye out for our new Google Ads integration coming soon! We will update our Help Center content as soon as it’s released.


Adding a connection between your site's Google Analytics and Dealfront is simple and valuable. It is the connection we need to identify Google Ad campaign visits! You can read more here.

Please note: For Leadfeeder to be able to identify companies visiting your site, you need to have our script added to your site.

Luckily it is very easy to connect Google Analytics to Dealfront!

Please note: You need to be a Dealfront admin user to add your Google Analytics view. Also, please note that at the moment it's not possible to add GA4 views.

STEP 1: Navigate to User Settings > Account > Integrations and click Overview.

STEP 2: Click Google Analytics then click Authenticate to Google Analytics.

STEP 3: Choose the Google Account you want to connect with. You should connect the account that has access to your Google Analytics.

STEP 4: Allow the connection to Dealfront when it asks on the next screen. This is what allows Dealfront to see your Google Analytics account when you add it. We never share or sell your data! We automatically select the correct Google Analytics view based on your hostname rules.

STEP 5: You will see a confirmation banner on the top of the Google Analytics view screen. Good job! 😊

Please note: After authorisation, it can take a few seconds before the table will refresh. If your Google Account does not have access to any Google Analytics views, the status will be shown as "Not connected". In that case, ask your Google Analytics admin user to give you “read” access to the correct Google Analytics view or to add the view for you.

If you visit your user settings, under Google Accounts now you should see that you have connected a Google Account.

That’s it! Enjoy your day knowing you have everything you need to be connected!

Please note: To allow for keywords to be shown in Leadfeeder, please take care to sync the time zone settings of your Google Analytics and Dealfront account.

Please note: If you need to remove the connection between Google Analytics and Dealfront one day for any reason, to do that, you need to remove the connected Google account in your personal settings by clicking Detach.


Questions, comments, feedback? Please let us know by contacting our support team via the chat or by sending us an email at


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