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Troubleshoot Your Mailchimp Integration

Here are a few key things to check to see why your Mailchimp integration may not be working.

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If your Mailchimp integration doesn't seem to be working, it may be caused by one of the reasons below.

1. In order to use Mailchimp integration in Dealfront you have to turn on Google Analytics integration in your Mailchimp campaigns.

These steps are done in Mailchimp, not in your Dealfront account. You can read these instructions in Mailchimp knowledge base, too.

  • First navigate to your Dashboard, if you're not already there - you can click on the Mailchimp logo to get there

  • Expand Integrations and click Discover

  • Scroll down to find Google Analytics on the Essentials starter kit.

  • When you click through you'll be asked to Connect to Google Analytics.

  • If you're not already signed into your Google account, you'll be asked to log in. If you have several Google accounts, you can select the one you want to use.

  • Click Grant access after you log in. You'll return to your Mailchimp account and a success message will appear.

Now you have set up Mailchimp Google Analytics integration for your account. However, you must set up the integration for every campaign you send, too.

2. When creating campaigns, make sure you have checked "Google Analytics link tracking" in your campaign Settings & Tracking:

If your Google Analytics link tracking checkbox is not selectable, there's an issue with your accounts Google Analytics integration.

After you've turned on Google Analytics integration in Mailchimp, make sure that you have integrated Mailchimp and Dealfront properly, too.

3. If you use Clicktale link tracking, make sure your tags do not have any spaces in them.

Spaces in your tags cause errors in the integration. Instead of spaces, it's recommended you use underscores in between each word.

4. Make sure that your Google Analytics tracking script is put at the top of the page before the closing </head> tag.

For more information on Analytics tracking, visit this Google Analytics support page.

5. Do you have links to your website in the Mailchimp emails?

In order for Leadfeeder to pick up visits from your email campaigns there needs to be a link to your site that has been clicked from within the email. This could be a link to a new product page or blog, or even just a link to the home page! Note that the link needs to direct link without any shorteners, like bitly link. Also, the webpage your email links to needs to be tracked by the Leadfeeder Tracker.

Note: If you are testing a Mailchimp campaign using real user data and accidentally click on a link within an email you will be connected as if you were that email subscriber. Please delete all cookies for all time from the browser you were using to solve this. All your future visits will then be shown correctly.

6. Mailchimp Integration Connection Statuses

Integration connections can have two possible status values: OK or Invalid. If your integration status is OK, the integration connection is working normally. If your integration status is Invalid, something is wrong and the connection is not working as it should.

The "status_reason" indicates what is the problem with the connection. The "status_reason" is visible on the reconnect page. If your integration says "disconnected" click the Reconnect button on the right side to see the details and status codes in order to repair the connection.

You can see the status of your integration via your Account Settings > Mailchimp and clicking View on the Mailchimp account you wish to manage.

Here's a list of the known values for status_reason, a description of the error, and how can it be fixed:


The Mailchimp account is not active. Remove the integration and connect a new Mailchimp account.


The entered API key is not valid. Change the API key from the settings.


Account is already integrated with Mailchimp account corresponding to provided API key


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