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What happens after Mailchimp is integrated with Dealfront?

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You can see how to integrate Mailchimp with Dealfront here. It is quick and easy. Remember to integrate Mailchimp to Google Analytics, too. Instructions can be found here.

By connecting your Email Marketing System (EMS) tool with Leadfeeder you give consent that the two systems (the EMS and Leadfeeder) can exchange data. Your EMS is maintained by you and contains individual names and email addresses already.


After the integration is completed, go to your account settings by clicking on your name on the upper right corner and then on Settings.


Go to the "Account" tab and click on Mailchimp on the left side. 

In this screen, you can see the lists you have created in Mailchimp. You can sync, add another Mailchimp account and see all your Mailchimp lists and number of members per list.

To start using the data provided by the Mailchimp integration for Dealfront, just head back to the main screen of the app by clicking on the Dealfront logo at the top left.

In the above screenshot you can see a list of companies and a grey number icon to the right of each, representing the quantity of identified people who have clicked through to your website from a Mailchimp campaign. We are only able to identify the names and emails of the individuals who have interacted with your email marketing campaigns that come directly from Mailchimp. We receive the data from the EMS and match it with the website visits tracked.

By hovering over the number you can see the name and email address of a person who clicked through to your website via one of your email campaigns in Mailchimp. For each person, we see the email address and for many we see both name and email address.

When you click on a company with a Mailchimp icon on it and expand its details, you can see what that person has been looking at on your website.

Note: If you accidentally click on your user’s link on Mailchimp newsletter and now you are now connected to that email subscriber in your browser, please delete all cookies for all time in the browser to solve this. Then all your future visits will be shown correctly.

When you click on People, you see a list of people who have come to your website via your Mailchimp campaigns. Find out more about the people view in this article.

After you click on a person on the left their visit details for the selected time frame open in the right-hand panel.

Other Facts:

  • You see where a contact went on your website; not just the page they landed on via your Mailchimp campaign.

  • You can filter your People View by the quality and last visit.

  • As with the companies-focused list, the overall quality of a person’s activity for the selected time period is visible with the traffic light colours.

  • You can filter people’s behaviour by the campaign.

  • A person’s location is based on their actual network location, not on the email server location.

  • Mailchimp visitors from a home network or from an Internet Service Provider are shown here. (These visitors do not show in the companies list.)


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