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What is the People view for ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp and HubSpot users?

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Users who have integrated ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, or HubSpot have a tab in Leadfeeder called People. If you use Identify(), those individuals also show in the People tab.

If you have ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp integrated and you click on People, you'll see a list of people who’ve come to your website via your email campaigns.

By connecting your Email Marketing System (EMS) tool with Dealfront you give consent that the two systems can exchange data. Your EMS is maintained by you and contains individual names and email addresses already. We are only able to identify the names and emails of the individuals who interact with email marketing campaigns that come directly from an EMS integrated with Dealfront. We receive the data from the EMS and match it with the website visits tracked.

The email address associated with the name will also show as well as if a photo is available. We've blocked those out in our examples for privacy.

After you click on a person on the left, their visit details for the selected time frame opens in the right-hand panel.

If you have your HubSpot integrated with Leadfeeder and you use HubSpot’s form or live chat, you can see those visitors tracked by any of those methods in the People timeline. The same applies if you use Identify() and someone logs in, for example, to your web shop on your site.

Please note: For Leadfeeder to be able to identify the person from the HubSpot chat or form, the person needs to come back to your website and browse it after using the chat/form.

Other facts:

  • See where a contact went on your website.

  • Filter your People view by the quality and last visit.

  • As with the companies list, the overall quality of a person’s activity for the selected time period is visible with the traffic light colours.

  • Filter people’s behaviour by the campaign.

  • A person’s location is based on their actual network location, not on the email server location.

  • Mailchimp and HubSpot visitors from a home network or from an Internet Service Provider are shown here. These visitors don’t show as companies.

  • If a visitor has been identified earlier as company and the visitor gets identified later as an individual, you will see that individual's historical visits from past 180 days as an individual visitor instead of just a company's visits.

Please note: We have now added support for also HubSpot CRM and ActiveCampaign in the Activity Timeline.

Please also note that it is NOT possible to hide people from the people tab as it is possible to hide companies.

Additionally, when using custom feeds we can't currently filter identified people based on company-specific filters. For example, if a custom feed uses the 'Tag' filter then identified people won't show up in the People tab because we don't support this action.


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