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Custom feeds enable you to focus in on your company's key priorities. Perhaps you have a custom feed that shows you which companies are visiting key pages, or a feed tracking a particular marketing campaign. You can see details on each company when you open them, but you may want a broader view of who is visiting in each feed.

Feed analytics was designed to tell you just that! You’ll be able to see at-a-glance, which countries and industries generate the most identified companies for your business in a given time frame. You can select any feed from your list to see some general statistics about it.

Q: Where do the companies per day numbers come from?

The average companies per day represents the average number of identified companies per day in the selected timeframe. The time frame chosen will also change the top country and top industry percentages.

Q: Can I export these reports?

Currently, it is not possible to export the data.

Q: Why do you show only the top 3 and 10 countries/industries?

The charts are about “Top Countries”, not all countries (and industries). So we only show the top 3/10 countries and industries.

Q: Where is the bar for “other”?

“Other” would nearly always be the largest percentage of countries and industries, but will not be able to provide any helpful information at a glance. We chose to not prioritise "other" and instead show you the largest blocks for countries and industries.

Q: Why do percentages not always add up to 100%?

The charts are about top countries and industries. Hence, we do not show all of them. Consequently, you will not always see things add up to 100%.

Q: How are the bars calculated? 

The bar’s length is a ratio based to better reflect the relationship between the items in the chart. 


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