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What Does the Company Contact Location Show?
What Does the Company Contact Location Show?

Locations in Leadfeeder are the locations of your visitors. This is usually the home of the organisation, however, this can differ.

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Leadfeeder identifies the companies that visit your website. Once we identify the visit, you can see the information you need to decide whether they are a good fit for your business or not. You also get information on your visitor's location and ways to connect.

However, sometimes the location may be different than what you would expect.

The location shown is typically the location of the actual visitor. The visitor may not be located where the company is, though. Consequently, it sometimes can show one of multiple offices/locations or other factors. 

VPN Usage May Impact Location Information

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that is constructed to connect remote users or regional offices to a company's private, internal network. These could be services or set up by individual organisations. Sometimes the use of a VPN can give unexpected location results.

Company Registration of their own IP Address impacts Location Data

When identifying companies Leadfeeder uses extensive IP databases. However, we cannot control how companies set up their organisations. If a seemingly odd location shows up it is because the IP is connected to that location. This can be the case when the organisation was registered in a different location or the organisation has set this up for another reason.

Mailchimp Integration Helps to Identify the Location of a Visitor

This may also show what you consider an 'odd' location match as we show the Mailchimp visitor's location with the company they are associated with.

You can use a fully remote company that has a team spread all over the world as an example. Leadfeeder may show a visit from Copenhagen, Denmark when the company's 'home office', is in fact in Helsinki, Finland. This would occur when a teammate working in Copenhagen was identified as a visitor via Mailchimp.

Since we identify the actual location of the visitor, not the physical location of the company, we display Copenhagen. This can be helpful when you are planning your next steps for outreach! While you may have no connection to Helsinki, Copenhagen could be your home town!

Company Locations

If we know the company location, for example, the headquarters, we depict this as the company location with all visits from that company:

Location information is wonderful, but it should not be the only factor in your connection strategy.

A great way to hone in on where you need to connect is by checking out the company's LinkedIn page or website. Often they will list their central office as the main contact location and you can reach out to them there.

The company location is good to have but don't forget about your other options! You may get a better response from social outreach on LinkedIn than you would from calling the main phone line.

You can reach out to the contact located closest to you - everyone loves a personal connection! I know our colleague in Copenhagen would love to meet you!

Next to the Company location, you will also see links to the company's social profiles. These are valuable connections to make as well! 


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