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Check out the basics of Leadfeeder to get started fast or refresh your memory of the app

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As a new Dealfront customer may not know where to begin, or as an existing customer you may have forgotten a few things along the way. These quick tips will help you make Leadfeeder work for you! 

Quick Links:

Check Out Your Options

One of the best things you can do is to check out your options! You will find them at the top right of the platform. Here you'll see where to get help, a link to your platform settings, a menu for switching between accounts (if you have more than one) and an icon linking to your saved Lists.

Navigating the App

Let's take a look at the main Leadfeeder screen. You can see it is divided into three sections. The Feeds selection column (1) is where you can select a feed to view or create a Custom Feed (filtered view of selected companies) based on your own criteria or filters. In The Company Feed in the middle (2) will list all of the Companies identified on your site. The Details column (3) shows you insights and the feed details such as the filters selected, subscribers, and automations, as well as giving you edit options.  

You can switch feeds by choosing a new feed from the left column.

Filtering and Sorting Feeds

Above the Companies list, you will see a few options to filter and sort. You can select a date range to see which companies visited during a particular time.

You can also select if you want to have companies listed by Last seen or Sort by quality.

Company Details

When selecting a company from your Feed list (1), a detailed view will open in the panel on the right. If you want to close this view you can do so by clicking the < at the top left of the company details panel (2).

The circled time stamp tells you when the company visited your website last time. You will also see the actions available to take on this company (3).

Within this detailed view, there are several sections. Starting from the top you will see the information that we have about the company.

Note: To uphold privacy laws we do not provide the actual IP address of your website visitor to you.

Some of the fields include:

  • Description: This is a broad overview of what the company does. This is similar to what they may put in as a description on LinkedIn or their website.

  • Company Size: This is an estimate of how many employees the company has.

  • Industry: This is the industry that has been associated with the company.

  • Contact: This is any contact or location information associated with the company. It may also include a link to LinkedIn's 'People Search' page for the company. NOTE: The location we show is based on that of the actual visitor. Although this is usually the location of the company it may vary in cases of multiple offices/locations, the usage of a VPN, or other factors. The best way to confirm a location is by checking the website of the LinkedIn profile. Read more about locations here.

  • Web: This will list the company's website, other social network sites available, and a quick link to a Google search.

If you have questions about the information displayed you can always contact support to investigate and verify what we are showing. We use a number of different services and systems to get this company information and we are always open to improving it.

You have the opportunity to customise some of this information for your own use. The 'Edit company details' pencil icon can be used to edit the fields you see in your view and will also send us a notice to 'double-check' things.

These edits are typically made when your organisation knows a company by a slightly different name, or when you want the website link to go to the language site of your preference. These changes will be shown to you right away and if they are applicable to everyone we will update our information

Visitor Activity

In the Activity section you can see where each company went on your website. You can see the date they visited, how long they stayed, as well as other details when you expand each 'Person'. This offers insight into what the visitor was most interested in.

Who Can I Connect To?

The Contacts section shows you people you may want to connect with at the prospective company. Here you can filter by Contact Job Title, Contact Department or Contact Country. The contact details of these individuals can be revealed using credits. We can't show 'who' exactly visited your site without them 'self-identifying' - you can find out more about this here.

Organise and Act Upon Your Visits

If you have connected your CRM you can expand this area and see all of the details within, such as Tasks, Deals and Account Owner. You can also create new Opportunities or Deals here. CRM integration is a great feature that can help you get more from Dealfront, but it isn't a requirement, you can learn more about it here!

If you haven't connected your CRM this won't show up for you, but there are other actions you can take. At the top of the visit detail panel, you will see a range of automation options, you can use these to assign the company to a fellow user, follow the company, or email the details to another member of your team.

Comments are another great way to stay organised and share information with your colleagues. You can send these comments to your CRM or just have them here for yourself and your team.


Questions, comments, feedback? Please let us know by contacting our support team via the chat or by sending us an email at


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