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Can I See 'Who' Has Visited My Website?
Can I See 'Who' Has Visited My Website?

Can Leadfeeder tell me who exactly visited my website?

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Knowing 'who' exactly visited your site isn't possible without them 'self-identifying'. This self-identification can be done in a few ways, including form submission, email subscription (our Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign integrations use this) or via live chat, such as the one we have on

In many countries it is illegal due to privacy regulations to track individuals without their consent; very few people want every website they visit to know their personal information. It is also impractical due to human nature: people use other people's computers and there is never a guarantee that the person on the other side is who you expect.

We don't guess or make assumptions about who visited. Guesses won't help you and may even cause problems if you start conversations with a mistakenly identified individuals. This is why we show only the company and the contacts associated with the companies that visit whenever that data is available. These can be verified and are of great value to you as you can get in touch with the person/role you would typically want to connect with.

We do show Visitor ID Numbers for every visit. With these, you can get a more detailed picture of visitor frequency.

When Can You Link to a "Who"?

By connecting Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign or HubSpot with Dealfront, you give consent that the two systems can exchange data. This external data source is maintained by you and contains individual names and email addresses already.

We can link to a “who” in only in certain cases:

  1. You use either Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign to send your email campaigns and your email subscribers visit your site via a link from a campaign. We receive the data from the Email Marketing System (EMS) and match it with a tracked website visit. We are only able to identify the names and emails of the individuals who interacted with the email marketing campaigns that come directly from an EMS integrated with Dealfront.

  2. You have HubSpot integrated with Dealfront and the website visitor fills in a HubSpot form or a chat.

  3. You have a web app or portal where your website visitors log in; we can identify those visitors that login on an individual level.

Please note: Leadfeeder doesn't read other form submissions or chats, even with visitor consent, at this time. We are currently building a way to read form submissions on your site. If you are interested in testing the feature before others, please email us at

Leadfeeder is designed to be a piece of your sales and marketing puzzle. Instead of cold outreach to random companies, you can now outreach in a more targeted way. Check out some of our sales advice in the related links below.


Questions, comments, feedback? Please let us know by contacting our support team via the chat or by sending us an email at


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