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Are you a data-lover? Or just want access to more information about companies visiting your website?

Integrating your email marketing system (EMS) with Dealfront allows you to see who has visited your website from your email campaigns and what they did on your website, levelling up your sales and marketing strategy.

By making this integration, you give consent that the two systems can exchange data. This external data source is maintained by you and contains individual names and email addresses already.

About Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful form of direct marketing. You can use it to make your customers aware of your latest offers or integrate it into your automation efforts. It has its place in so many aspects of the marketing strategy: lead generation, brand awareness, relationship building and customer engagement.

Most email marketing platforms do a pretty good job of providing you with email analytics, such as who has opened and clicked-through on your emails, as well as other link-tracking features in Google Analytics.

This data is great to have, but if it’s standalone in the one platform it’s definitely not as useful as it could be.

An ideal marketing stack is one where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, where data is brought together for a purpose.

Companies vs Contacts

Due to privacy regulations, by default, Leadfeeder (our website visitor identification tool), can only allow you to see companies that have visited your website, not the actual people.

However, there is a compliant way to see 'who' exactly visited your site...

If a user ‘self-identifies’ when they come to your site, we can then show you who they are. Users can self-identify in a few different ways: form submission, email list subscription or via live chat.

Imagine this scenario:

  • A user signs up to your email list.

  • You send them an email campaign with a link back to your website within it.

  • The user clicks this link and comes to your website via this email campaign.

We can consider their sign up to your email list as choosing to self-identify. We are only able to identify the names and emails of the individuals who interacted with the email marketing campaigns that come directly from an EMS integrated with Dealfront. We then match the data received from the EMS with a tracked website visit.

Therefore, by integrating Dealfront with your EMS, you'll have access to the names and contact information of the actual people who visit your site if they are in your email list/s.

📌 Pro tip: Only Dealfront users with Integration rights can connect up an email marketing platform.

Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts with Email Integration

EMS integration enables you to take your analytics a step further by seeing:

  • who has visited your website from your email marketing campaigns

  • and what they did on your website

With two of the pillars of your marketing stack combined you’ll be able to find out which website pages your subscribers are visiting, the time they spend there, if they engage with particular pieces of content, and which email marketing campaigns they are visiting from. Sharing spreadsheets of email marketing results with sales teams is a thing of the past.

Whether you’re a data-lover, or just want access to more information about the companies visiting your website, get started with EMS integration today!

Which Email Marketing Systems Does Dealfront Integrate With?

Dealfront integrates with Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign. If you use another email provider, you can submit a feature request for consideration.


Questions, comments, feedback? Please let us know by contacting our support team via the chat or by sending us an email at


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