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Discover how to integrate ActiveCampaign with your Dealfront account.

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Integrating Dealfront with ActiveCampaign allows you to see within Leadfeeder who clicked to your website from your email marketing campaigns and what they did on your website.

By connecting ActiveCampaign with Dealfront you give consent that the two systems can exchange data. Your ActiveCampaign account is maintained by you and contains individual names and email addresses already. We receive the data from ActiveCampaign and match it with the website visits tracked in Leadfeeder. We are therefore only able to identify the names and emails of the individuals who have interacted with your email marketing campaigns that come directly from the email marketing system you have integrated.

Setting up the ActiveCampaign integration is simple. Follow the steps below to connect the accounts and get started!

How Do I Connect ActiveCampaign with Dealfront?

STEP 1: Navigate to your User settings from top right corner of the Dealfront menu bar.

STEP 2: Click on the Account tab and then select Overview under the Integrations heading. You will see all the integrations available to you. Click ActiveCampaign.

STEP 3: You will be taken to our integrations page. Follow the instructions from there to complete your integration. You will need to fill out your ActiveCampaign URL and Key in the text fields. If you don't know where to find these items check out this article from the ActiveCampaign Help Center.

If you don't have access to this information you'll need to chat with your team to find someone who does!

STEP 4: Wait for the sync to complete. Smaller accounts will sync quickly, but if you have a large ActiveCampaign account the sync may take a bit longer.

While the integration is loading, you can head Back to Dealfront and continue whatever you were doing.

Once complete, you will see the following screen every time you return to manage your ActiveCampaign account in the Dealfront Settings. Here you have options to remove the integration, sync or reconnect.

Scroll down and you can also check that your campaigns are showing as expected and look into the details of the campaigns and mailing lists here.

With everything connected, any clicks on the emails will show from this point on. Previous clicks won't appear, so don't panic if you don't see any immediate data (sorry, we can't look into the past 🔮 ).

Please Note: If you use both Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign, you can integrate both of them with Dealfront at the same time.


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