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What is the Leadfeeder Tracker?
What is the Leadfeeder Tracker?

Wondering about this Leadfeeder Tracker you keep hearing about? Learn more here.

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You can think of the Leadfeeder Tracker as the key that unlocks the mysteries of your website visitors. 

It may seem like magic, but unlike unicorns 🦄 and Elder Wands, what powers Leadfeeder by Dealfront is a small piece of JavaScript that you install on your website. 

At least that is the piece that you see. Hidden beyond is the technology that Dealfront has been working with for years. 

We started using Google Analytics as our main source of data - we knew that they had one of the most robust databases around. This helped us build the backbone of Leadfeeder and subsequently Dealfront, today. 

We’re past a single point of knowledge though, knowing that we can do much more! Over the years we have built our own databases. 

The Leadfeeder Tracker allows us to use what we know from Google Analytic’s database along with powerful supplemental databases ("Accio Data! 🧙‍♀️"). This means you see more companies identified, quickly and of higher quality.

Every company that we identify gets you information about them, as well as contacts connected to them allowing you to connect to the prospect. 

You also see the details for every visit including: 

  • Time and date of visit

  • Source and Medium

  • Number of pages visited

  • Pages visited (Title, URL, and length of page visit)

  • Visitor ID number

  • The total length of visit

It's everything you need to see in regards to what your visitors are interested in (and everything your marketing team wants to know as well)!

Oh, and did we mention it’s faster? 

Ask any expert in sales and they will tell you, timing is crucial. The Leadfeeder Tracker gets you companies within 5-10 minutes from the time they visited your website. 

By the time the company that visited your website gets back from team lunch, you can have started your outreach.

Cookie Information

The Leadfeeder tracking script sets the following cookies into the visitor’s browser:


  • Expires in 1 year


If your website has enabled the consent manager support for Dealfront, the visitor consent status is stored to this cookie.

  • Expires in 2 years


A cookie that is only temporarily used to check if the browser supports cookies or not. This cookie might show up in a cookie scanner for your consent management platform.

  • Expires immediately


A local storage variable to store the duration for the Dealfrint clientID stored in browser LocalStorage.


Questions, comments, feedback? Please let us know by contacting our support team via the chat or by sending us an email at



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