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Exclude Searches from Form Tracking
Exclude Searches from Form Tracking

Find out how to stop tracking searches on your website, only form submissions.

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When you have a search field on your website, this is often built with the same HTML tags as a submission form, both use <form>.

Leadfeeder is designed to track all inputs that use the <form> tag and are not included in an iframe.

Since most websites have a search input, you might see a lot of searches on your website appearing in the Leadfeeder tool as form submissions.

Searches made by your website visitors might not necessarily help you increase your business (they could however help you analyse what visitors are really looking for when they land on your site, so don't completely discount this data).

The good news is that you can exclude search input from the form tracking if you'd prefer to.

This can be achieved by adding a form tracking exclusion rule in your Dealfront settings.

You can edit these rules by navigating to Settings > Company > Website Tracker > Form tracking settings

If you have the search input on every webpage, it would be most suitable to exclude the search submission by: "Form ID", "Form class", and/or "Input name". You can learn more about exclusion rules in our Form Tracking Settings article here.


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