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Learn how to share lists with other users in Dealfront Target and Connect.

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Company lists and list folders created in Target can be shared with other users in Target and Connect. Different user roles allow you to specify permissions for viewing and editing these. Please refer to this list for more information.

Sharing Lists

Access the list menu in the navigation panel. Move your cursor over the list you want to share, click the symbol with the dots and select “Share”.

You can now add users who require access to your list.

This same window also shows all of the users that currently have access to the list. To the of each user name you can see their assigned permission level. Click on the arrow symbol to change permissions.

You can add “All users” to set default permissions for all users affiliated with your Dealfront account. In addition to that, you may also add specific users that require permissions different from your default permissions.

Users are able to view and (if they have editing permissions) edit lists as soon as they are added. They also receive an automatic email notification – unless you have disabled automatic email notifications in your Dealfront account settings.

Please note: When you share a list with other users, you share access to that list. Any and all edits made by other users will be applied to this list. If another user duplicates a list, a second, functionally independent list will be created. The user who requested the duplication will automatically become the owner of this new list.

Changing Permissions

Click on the three dots in the List panel to open the permissions window.

You may now add or remove users, or change individual permissions .

Sharing List Folders

Click on the three dots at the list folder, then select “Share”.

Select users and specify their permissions. You may also set default permissions for all users.

You may share one single list inside a folder, several selected lists, or the entire folder with other users. The default permission for a list folder is “Viewer”, unless otherwise specified.

Unless the entire folder is shared, users are only able to access specific lists in that folder that have been shared with them.

For example: A folder contains a total of 14 lists. Three of those 14 lists are shared with you, and you are assigned the permission level of owner for these three lists. Since you only have access to these three lists, you will not be able to access or see the remaining lists in the same folder, and your permission level for the folder itself will be displayed as “Viewer”.

Deleting Lists

List owners are able to delete lists.

Please note: This will remove the list for all other users as well. Users with “Editor” or “Viewer” permissions may remove themselves from a list, but are not able to actually delete it.

Users are not able to remove themselves from lists or list folders, if these have been shared with “All users”.


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