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You will find a total of three industry assignments in your Dealfront tools: NACE codes, WZ codes and the Dealfront industries. The NACE codes can be considered an overarching classification: The NACE Rev.2 classification was established by the European Community as a standard for companies. Other systems are derived from this, such as the WZ codes common in the DACH area, or the UK SIC codes. NACE codes are themselves based on the United Nations International Classification of Economic Activities (ISIC).

So, to put it simply:

The codes of the individual classifications are identical up to the fourth level, i.e. up to the class. The fifth level or the subclasses, on the other hand, only exist in isolated classifications such as the WZ codes.

This table gives you an overview of the scope of the individual classifications per level:

When Do I Use Which Code?

We recommend using NACE codes if a specification up to the fourth level is sufficient for you and if you are also looking for companies that are outside the DACH region. Because NACE codes are used more widely internationally, the company search and later data processing is made much easier as soon as you want to process potential independent of the country.

WZ codes are particularly interesting if you use the classification up to the fifth level, i.e. you want to separate very finely between the fields of activity. Companies from the DACH region in particular are well represented here.

Dealfront industries come in handy if you are dissatisfied with the official mappings or if you are looking into newer industries such as digitisation or software development. While NACE and WZ differ very closely in "more traditional" sectors, there are inadequacies in sectors that experienced an upswing after 2008. If you see gaps in the official classifications, the Dealfront industries provide better support.

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