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NACE Code Search
NACE Code Search

Search for new companies in relevant business areas using their designated NACE Code.

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This tutorial will show you how to use the NACE Codes filter within Target.

To add the filter, first navigate to Search > Add filter, then select Industries, followed by NACE Codes.

You will now see all the available NACE Codes.

  • Click on the plus icon at the right side of a row to add the entire sector to your search.

  • Click on the arrow symbol (>) to the left of a row if you want to narrow down your search further. This will open up further layers with more specific industry sectors. Clicking on the plus symbol within this sector will enable you to add only chosen sub-sectors to your search.

  • You can exclude business sectors and/or sub-sectors from your search by clicking on the minus (-) symbol.

You can also directly search for industry areas by entering related keywords in the search bar. The tool will provide you with corresponding industry sector suggestions.

Your selected and excluded codes are displayed on the upper right.

Click on the blue Companies button to add this NACE Code search as a filter.


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