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Saving a Search in Target
Saving a Search in Target

Learn how to save your searches within the Target app

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Once you have created a refined search for companies or contacts you may want to save this for future reference, rather than having to recreate it each time.

Click on the save symbol at the upper right to save your search.

Enter a name for your search and click on the blue Save button to save it. If you have folders set up you can also choose to save the search within a folder.

You can now access your search from the navigation panel on the left.

You can further customise a saved search by changing search parameters or adding and removing more keywords. However, these changes are only temporary. If you want to keep the changes, you have to save the search again by clicking on the save symbol.

Please note: Once you save a search, your old search will be replaced with the current search, including all changes and adjustments.


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