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Learn more about how to manage your Dealfront plan and configuration directly from your settings.

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At Dealfront we want to make your experience as straightforward as possible, to help you find those next deals with ease.

Settings is the place to go to manage your plan and configure your account.

There are two ways to get to Settings. Navigate to the top right of your screen and either click the cog symbol to go directly to your Account Settings, or click the person symbol, then User Settings to be taken directly to your Personal Settings.

Personal Settings

In your Personal Settings you can make various expected 'user' related changes, such as update your name and email address, change your password, or set your language.

Within this section you can also edit which email notifications you receive, connect up Google accounts, manage your login process, see if you have any invitations and explore any 'other' services you're using.

Company Settings

In Company Settings you can update your company name and alter which CRM/Marketing Tools you use.

You can also find all the details you need to install and manage the Leadfeeder Tracker, including the script itself, cookie settings and form tracking settings.

In your Company Settings you will see your Billing details including subscription type, payment methods and any past invoices or receipts.

Lastly, you can manage your users directly within the Company section.

Account Settings

Your Account Settings allows you to adjust your Account name (handy if you have multiple accounts), and change your Timezone.

You can also manage your Leadfeeder settings, so Traffic Filtering, Hidden Companies, Automation, Goals and more.

The last part of this section is where you manage your Integrations. In the screenshot below there is only one integration listed, but if you have more in your own Account they will show up here, for example 'Salesforce'.

Find Your Dealfront ID

Sometimes you might need to find your Dealfront ID, for example, to enable an integration.

STEP 1: Log in to your Dealfront app.

STEP 2: Next take a look at your browser's address bar.

STEP 3. In this above example, the account ID is 302646.


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