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Learn more about managing users within your Company settings.

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Please note: Only users with User Management Access Rights can manage other users.

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Access Your User Management Settings

To manage your users, or 'seats', navigate to User Settings > Company > Users.

In this view you'll be able to see each of the users in your account by either email address or their name. You can also instantly see which products they have access to.

There are two options per user: edit their Notifications or edit their Access. You can also simply toggle the Status of the user on or off - this enables or disables their Dealfront account access.

User Notifications

When you click into Notifications for a User you will find two options. First is the 'Weekly Dealfront Summary' - here you can opt the user in or out of receiving this weekly round up of account activity per account.

Secondly, you will scroll down to individual Feed notifications. Here you can check on or off whether that user receives notifications from a specific feed on a daily or weekly basis.

This section automatically saves, once you have made changes you can simply click back.

Manage Access Rights

Company Access Rights

When you click into Access for a User you will first see the Company Access Rights.

Here you can choose if the user can make any changes to your main Dealfront company settings. Check the options on and off.

General settings: This allows access to the company 'Details', 'Accounts' and 'Website Tracker' info.

Billing: This allows access to both 'Subscriptions' and 'Invoices and Receipts'.

Payment methods: This gives access to see and amend your 'Payment methods' only, for example for adding and removing credit cards.

User management: This gives access to the 'Users' section where these rights can be switched on or off.

Once you are finished, remember to click Save at the bottom.

Please note: If a user has all 4 of the Company Access Rights checked they have the equivalent rights to an Admin user of the legacy Leadfeeder app.

📌 Pro Tip: Users don't have to log out and log back in again for Company Access Right changes to apply. As soon a Right is given or revoked and, most importantly, saved, this change will apply to that user upon refresh of their screen.

Account Access Rights

If you scroll further down the page you'll see the Account Access Rights.

If you only have access to one account, you will only have the option to select that one account here. However, if, for example you have two businesses, both with Dealfront accounts, or are a marketing agency running multiple client accounts, you will have multiple Account options in this column.

Pick the Account you wish to edit for the user, followed by the product. Each product has different rights options. Click through to find both the products and the rights you wish to check on or off for that user.

Once you are finished, remember to click save at the bottom.

Benefits of Setting Access Rights

There are a few different ways you can benefits from setting certain access rights for your team, we've highlighted a couple of simple examples below.

  • Provide limited access for contractors and business partners

    By limiting options per product you can create a safe environment for third-party users such as contractors, resellers, and business partners.

    Without limiting access, these external users will have access to, for example, start promote campaigns, add automations to custom feeds, manage zapier connections, access API tokens and much more.

  • Keep your CRM in order
    New items in your CRM can be created from many places and by many users — making the task of keeping your CRM organized a difficult one. You can limit users from being able to either manage your CRM account configuration, or from adding new items to your CRM.

Invite a New User

After you sign up for a Dealfront Account you will be the main, single user. You can invite other users using the Invite new user button in User Settings > Company > Users. To shortcut straight to this section, click your 'User' icon in the menu bar and 'Invite new users'.

Fill out the new user form, checking the specific options per user on or off. For more details, please visit our article Add a New Dealfront User.

Remove a User

You can easily remove users if they no longer work at your company or no longer need access to Dealfront. To do so, navigate to User Settings > Company > Users. Either find the user in the list, or search for them, then click Access. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Remove Access.

This is a silent termination, no email or notification will go to the removed user.

User Language

All new users are invited to the platform in English, even if it's set to another language by default.

Please advise new users to change their language preference immediately upon first login to avoid any delays in re-caching the platform to a different language.

Navigate to Settings > Personal > Details, click the drop down under Language to choose your preference.

Please note: If a new user accesses the platform tools e.g. Target, in the default language of English, and later swaps to German, they will need to log out and back in again, allowing time for the platform to re-cache into the new language, before this change will take full effect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does 'Perform actions on companies' mean for the Leadfeeder Product?

When you are viewing a company within Leadfeeder you will see the option to perform different actions on the specific company. This includes features such as Assign, Follow, Email, Send to Slack and Add to List. These are all features relevant to the Leadfeeder ecosystem.

  • Assign - Assign identified companies to yourself or other Dealfront users. The assignee of a company will get an email notification. Learn more here.

  • Follow - Follow specific companies that are of interest to you to get a clearer view of what type of content, web pages and campaigns they are interacting with. You will also be sent an email notification whenever those followed companies visit your site, though as with all feeds, you can customize those notifications. Learn more here.

  • Email - Send the details of an identified company from within Leadfeeder to any email address, whether they're a Dealfront user or not. Learn more here.

  • Send to Slack- This feature is only available when you have Slack integrated with Dealfront. When you spot an interesting company and want to send it over to Slack, click the Send to Slack button and select a channel. The company will be visible on the selected channel. Learn more here.

  • Add to List - Individually add companies to a List when within a company profile. Learn more here.


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