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Learn more about managing users within your Company settings.
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Only admin users can manage other users, this article is written for admin users.

To manage your users, or 'seats', navigate to User Settings > Company > Users.

In this view you'll be able to see each of the users in your account by either email address or their name. You can also instantly see which products they have access to.

There are two options per user: edit their Notifications or edit their Access.

User Notifications

When you click into Notifications for a User you will find two options. First is the 'Weekly Dealfront Summary' - here you can opt the user in or out of receiving this weekly round up of account activity per account.

Secondly, you will scroll down to individual Feed notifications. Here you can check on or off whether that user receives notifications from a specific feed on a daily or weekly basis.

This section automatically saves, once you have made changes you can simply click back.

User Access

When you click into Access for a User you will first see the Company Access Rights.

Here you can choose if the user can make any changes to your main Dealfront company settings. Check the options on and off.

If you scroll further down the page you'll see the Account Access Rights.

Pick the Account you wish to edit for the user, followed by the product and then check the individual Access Rights on or off.

Each product has different rights, click through each to find the one you need.

Invite a New User

After you sign up for a Dealfront Account you will be the main, single user. All standard Dealfront accounts include 3 users or 'seats'. You can invite other users using the Invite new user button in User Settings > Company > Users.

Fill out the new user form, checking the specific options per user on or off.

You can of course purchase additional user accounts if you would like more than 3 users. If you would like to do so, please contact your Account Manager or speak to our support team via Live Chat in the app.


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