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Add a New Dealfront User
Add a New Dealfront User
Invite colleagues to use Dealfront
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Here's How to Add Your Colleagues to Dealfront:

Please Note: Only users with admin privileges can add new users or 'seats'.

STEP 1: Click on the Settings Symbol in the top right corner in your Dealfront home screen.

STEP 2: Click on the tab Company and Users at the bottom of the left side menu. When on the Users page click Invite new user. 

STEP 3: Fill in at least the field Email and choose the desired user role. If you have multiple accounts under one Dealfront company, choose which accounts and products that user should have access to. In addition, you can grant access to particular functions.

STEP 4: As the last step, click Invite. The user will receive an invitation to join your Dealfront team and be set up with a login and password. They must accept the invitation email in order to access the account. If an error is made when setting up the invitation we recommend sending a new invitation to the correct email address and removing the incorrect user.

Please note: If a new invited user hasn't accepted the invitation to join Dealfront account, they cannot request a new password here. If the invitation link has expired, admin user can resend invite in Dealfront settings.

Once new user has accepted invitation, they can login with email and password, and choose to use Google or Microsoft login in their login settings. Setting up Microsoft as Single Sign-in for your users isn't possible.

Please note: If a user stops working for your company, you need to revoke access for that user manually in the Dealfront settings. Otherwise the user can still login with the email address and password even if they don’t have access to the email box anymore.


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