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Send Identified Companies to Slack
Send Identified Companies to Slack

After Slack is connected how do I send identified companies to a Slack channel?

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There are five things you can do with your Slack integration.

  1. Send single companies to a public or private Slack channel

  2. Get notified about your custom feeds' identified companies in Slack. This can be either one message per time or all companies split to separate messages 

  3. Filter identified companies by the criteria "Send to Slack manually"

  4. Get tagged in Slack when a company is assigned to you in Dealfront

  5. Get Tagged in Slack When a Company is Assigned to you in Dealfront

1. Send Single Companies to a Public Slack Channel

When you spot an interesting company and want to send it over to Slack, click the Send to Slack button and select a channel.

The company will be visible on the selected channel.

2. Send Companies to a Private Slack Channel

In order to send identified companies to your private Slack channel, you need to add the Dealfront bot in Slack to the private channel. We recommend you create a custom feed with the same name as your private Slack channel to send identified companies from this feed to the channel.

STEP 1: Navigate to the private channel’s details section.

STEP 2: Next go to the Integration's tab and select Add apps, search for Dealfront, and click Add next to it. Now you can send identified companies to the private Slack channel.

Please note: If you cannot see the channel in Dealfront after doing all the steps in this article, please click Sync now in your Slack integrations settings.

3. Get Notified in Slack about New Companies in Your Custom Feeds

To configure your custom feeds' notifications be delivered to Slack, click on Edit on one of the feeds. 

Please note: You can enter the view with custom feeds by closing the company you have currently open.

Enter the tab for Slack notifications, choose which channel you want to get the notifications to, and click Add. By default you'll see public channels, but also a private channel can be added by following the steps above.

Please note: The Dealfront user selection is only concerned if you use filters such as My open deals, which require user-specific criteria. In most cases just selecting yourself as a user is fine.

When setting up the Slack notifications, you can choose the new companies to be sent to your Slack either when new data is available or daily at 9 AM your account time.

If you want to split the daily compilation to separate messages instead of having a chunk of identified companies in one message, enable in your Slack settings (check the screenshot below). This is helpful when you want to start a discussion thread for a single company in Slack.

4. See Which Companies Have Been Sent to Slack

If you want to check which companies have been sent to Slack manually, click on Create custom feed.

Choose the Sent to Slack from the filters drop-down and click on Add. Finally, name the feed properly and save it.  

The newly created feed will be accessible from the feed selector.

5. Get Tagged in Slack When a Company is Assigned to you in Dealfront

Getting tagged in Slack when a company gets assigned to you in Dealfront helps you to keep on track with your identified companies in real-time.

STEP 1: Navigate to Account Settings > Slack > User Matching. Map each Dealfront user to the corresponding Slack username.

STEP 2: In Account Settings > Slack > Customisation make sure you’ve defined the default channel to send the identified companies to, and opted-in this feature next to Send notification to Slack when assigning companies.

Please note: If you don't want to get a notification when someone assigns an identified company to themselves, check the other box as well.

That's it, happy assigning!


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