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Integrate Slack with Dealfront

Discover how to integrate Slack with your Dealfront account.

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One of our most-used integrations is with Slack, the popular messaging app. Integrating with Slack allows you to automatically send identified companies in Leadfeeder to specific Slack channels.

Whenever a company of interest lands on your website, your team will receive all the information about that visit they need to reach out and engage, directly in Slack.

For example, you could set up an automation to send new companies that are visiting your website from Germany with more than 500 employees to your German sales team's Slack channel — just minutes after the company visited your site!

✅ Send leads to public and private Slack channels.

✅ Get notification in Slack when leads in your Custom Feeds visit your site.

✅ Filter leads by "Send to Slack Manually."

✅ Get tagged in Slack when a lead is assigned to you in Dealfront (Which means fewer platforms to check!)

What are you waiting for! Integrate Slack today and focus on what matters most: closing deals and growing your business.

Please note: You must have integration access rights to connect with Slack.

How Do I Connect Slack with Dealfront?

STEP 1: Log in to Dealfront. If you don't have a Dealfront account, sign up here.

STEP 2: Navigate to your Account settings by clicking on the gear ⚙️ icon at the top right of the app.

STEP 3: Select Overview under the Integrations heading. You will see all the integrations available to you. Click Slack (under the Collaboration sub-heading).

STEP 4: You will be taken to our integrations page. Click on Add to Slack. Please note: You must have Admin privileges for the Slack workspace you want to connect with Dealfront.

STEP 5: In the next step you are asked to Allow permission to the app.

Once you've approved this the integration initiation will start loading.

STEP 6: You now need to select which public channel you would to use as a default Slack channel to send single leads. This can be changed later and also private Slack channels can be used.

STEP 7: Adjust the settings for what happens in Slack by toggling the options on or off.

Click Save when you're finished.

That's it! Check out this article to learn what else you and your colleagues can do with your new Slack integration, including getting tagged when a lead is assigned to you.


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