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Automatic Charging for Credit Cards in Promote
Automatic Charging for Credit Cards in Promote
In this article we explain how credit cards are charged for your Promote ad budget.
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In order to pay for a campaign using your credit card, you will first need to ensure your credit card has been added to your Dealfront account. You can find a guide on how to add a card to your account here.

Once you have been through the Promote campaign setup steps, it's time to publish your campaign!

How will I be charged for my campaign?

Dealfront will charge you an initial amount to get you up and running. This amount is x4 of your daily budget.

Then, based on your daily budget, you will receive a prepayment charge based on the tiers outlined below. This prepayment charge is designed to ensure that you have enough budget to fulfil your campaign(s).

Once your budget total falls below 20% of your tier, you will then be recharged.

Spending Tier

Amount charged

20% threshold charge trigger













Please note:

  • Your charges will be for for the total spend, which includes all campaigns running with Promote

  • It is possible that if you add new campaigns or adjust your budget, the total daily spending will increase/ decrease, which may place you into a new tier. This will be determined by the charges in the previous 24 hours. You will be then charged based on your new recalculated tier.


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