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The Target Quick Start Guide

Learn how to generate high-quality leads with our Target quick start guide.

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Target is a B2B sales prospecting tool with unique filters that helps you create company and contact lists, as well as find the contact details of key decision-makers.

With Target, you can boost your prospecting, market analysis, and B2B lead generation, exclusively focusing on companies that fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

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Performing a Search in Target

You can use the filters in Target one by one, or combine them. Searching in Target takes only a few clicks.

STEP 1: Open Target and start a Search.

STEP 2: Navigate to Add Filter where you can see the many filter options available.

STEP 3: Pick a filter to apply. For this example we're going to look at the Industries filter and companies in the Finance Industry.

STEP 4: Some filters then give you options to refine your search even further. In the case of 'Industry' you first can expand each industry to view the sub-industries within it, to see if any suit your ICP better.

Click the Plus (+) symbol to only search for companies in sub-industry, for example Insurance within Finance.

Click the Minus (-) symbol to exclude certain industries or sub-industries.

STEP 5: Click the Companies button to apply this filter.

The main search dashboard has now been updated to only show companies that match this filter.

STEP 6: Aside from just companies of interest, Target has multiple filters to help you find contacts to reach out to. You can apply the same process as above, but using the Contact filter section.

📌 Pro Tip: Think about this in terms of your ICP and what makes an ideal customer contact.

STEP 7: Once you've applied your Contact filters, all of the contacts who meet this filter criteria are now available to you on the screen.

You can scroll across to see the details we hold for each contact, including direct dials, mobiles and email addresses.

We’ll also show you where we sourced the information from, assuring you that each bit of data is GDPR compliant.

Saving a Search in Target

Every search you perform in Target is a one-off action, unless you decide to save it. Saving your searches can save you a lot of time in the future.

Once you have a search you'd like to save, click the 'Save' icon, name your search, and place it within a folder if you wish.

Don't forget to click Save!

Adding Companies or Contacts to a List in Target

Once you’ve applied a combination of the many filters in Target to find your ideal customers you’ll no doubt want to be able to save this data. But you may not always want to export it or save it to your CRM straight away (these two actions use credits).

Adding companies or contacts to a List is a way of saving the results from your search within Dealfront, without using any credits.

Once you have a set of search results you can add these to a List either individually, or in large groups.


To add companies individually, on the left side of the results table you will see a column of checkboxes.

STEP 1 (Option 1): Check all the individual companies that are of interest to you, then click ‘Add to List’.

STEP 1 (Option 2): To add all the companies from the search results make sure you don’t have any companies checked, and then click ‘Add to List’.

STEP 2: Pick which list you want to save these companies to, or create a whole New List. If you've chosen to add 'all' the companies, you’ll be able to choose from the first 100 to the first 20,000.

Don't forget to click Save!


As well as choosing the number of contacts that you would like to add to your list, you can specify a limit for the number of contacts that are added to the results list.

Check the box next to “Limit contacts per company” and enter the desired number of contacts per company in the field below “List must not exceed”.

Learn More About Target

Explore each of the individual Target filters in more depth, along with how to export data and learn more about Lists in the Target Help Center Collection.


Questions, comments, feedback? Please let us know by contacting our support team via the chat or by sending us an email at



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