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The Sales Intelligence Solution

Generate high-quality leads and reach more sales-ready contacts from day one with the Sales Intelligence Solution.

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The Sales Intelligence (SI) Solution enables you to generate high-quality leads and reach more sales-ready contacts with GDPR compliant B2B data.

As part of the SI Solution you get full access to Target, Connect and Datacare, enabling you to:

  • Identify accounts exhibiting genuine buying intent

  • Pinpoint key decision-makers

  • Access their direct contact details

  • Import, review, cleanse, enrich, and optimize your own data

Streamline your sales operations with Dealfront’s Sales Intelligence Solution!

We've put together quick start product guides to help you achieve value from your investment from day one!

Quick Start Guides


Target is a B2B sales prospecting tool with unique filters that helps you create company and lead lists, and find the contact details of key decision-makers.

With Target, you can boost your prospecting, market analysis, and B2B lead generation, exclusively focusing on companies that fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).


Connect provides you with in-depth B2B data on over 30 million companies; from trade registries, company websites, news, and social media.

With Connect you can accurately assess companies and get insights on when to reach out to the most relevant companies at the right time, staying one step ahead of your competitors.


Datacare helps you review, cleanse, enrich, and optimize your imported data records.

Thanks to a variety of intelligent features such as data enrichment, reachability checking, the detection of company type, and address changes, Datacare ensures that you can maintain and improve the quality of your B2B data.

Check out our Help Center articles to get started fast with Datacare:

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