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The Connect Quick Start Guide

Gain deep insights into your target accounts with our Connect quick start guide.

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Connect provides you with in-depth B2B data on over 30 million companies; from trade registries, company websites, news, and social media.

With Connect you can accurately assess companies and get insights on when to reach out to the most relevant companies at the right time, staying one step ahead of your competitors.

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Qualifying Your Target Companies in Connect

You can use Connect to thoroughly qualify your target companies and gain further insight into their operations.

To do this, we will assume you already have a list of target companies in some form or another. You may have a list saved from within the Target tool, have uploaded your own list via Datacare, have uploaded a list of companies directly into Connect, or simply be working from a list within your external CRM.

STEP 1: Search for, or open from a list, a company you wish to further qualify.

STEP 2: Browse through all of the company data we hold on this company.

You'll find company name, company website, address, and general contact options. As well as whether or not the company is actively in business, so far we are aware from public information. You'll also be able to see important key figures, such as revenue, employee count and founding year.

Use this information to decide if they're a good fit for you.

STEP 3: Browse through the contact data we hold for this company. You can filter this and export in batches of up to 20. We also display our data sources for each contact.

STEP 4: If you are keeping the company on your list, that's great, they're now qualified. To remove the company from a list created from Target, return to that list overview in Connect, check the company and click the 'Remove companies from list' icon.

Otherwise, for lists held elsewhere you'll need to manually update any new qualification decisions.

Adding Companies to a List in Connect

Lists are a key feature across the Dealfront platform and enable you to use the product features as seamlessly as possible.

Adding companies to a List within Connect is very simple.

STEP 1: Open a company of interest, click the Plus (+) symbol at the top right of the screen with the tooltip ‘Add Companies to List’.

STEP 2: Click this and a pop up window will invite you to add this company to an existing list, or to create a new list.

STEP 3: Choose your preferred option, then click Add. You can add as many companies as you like in this way.

Find out more about the Dealfront Lists tool here.

Importing a Company File into Connect

You can choose to import a company file directly into Connect. This could be a file of your existing clients which you would like to track based on Trigger Events, as explained in the section below.

Navigate to Lists in Connect, then click on Import File. You will then be taken to our file importer. Find out more about how to import your file correctly here.

Setting Up Connect Alerts

Connect alerts enable you to stay informed about relevant news or events concerning companies you have saved to a specific List in Dealfront, without needing to login to the platform!

In literal terms, this means we send you an email containing any changes or news we’ve spotted, to match the criteria you set up in this alert.

STEP 1: Navigate to the Lists section within Connect.

STEP 2: Choose the list you wish to set up an alert for. Select ‘configure alert’ from the actions panel.

STEP 3: Check the box to enable your alert, you can either do this at the start, or the end - but don’t forget or it won’t activate.

STEP 4: Build what you want to see in your alert.

You can add up to five different search rows, any combination of News or Signals.

Signals are positive and negative business markers. These may include relocation, expansion, job offers, or management restructures.

Company news results show you articles and updates about the company that we have been able to source online or on social channels. These results can be either about the company, or published by the company itself.

You can use and/or logic for your search query and choose to place text in quotation marks for exact matches.

You can also use boolean operators and parentheses.

Please note: This is not an intelligent search but a letter-by-letter comparison. Make sure to type in the exact words you are looking for (for example the singular ‘partner’ and the plural ‘partners’)

Exclude any terms you don't want to see, or leave the boxes blank to see a generic result.

STEP 5: Define the maximum number of results you want to see in one report.

STEP 6: Group your results by Date, Company or Source.

STEP 7: Select how frequently you receive this alert. Choose from daily, weekly or monthly, and also what day or time you want.

Don't forget to click Save!

Important Notes

Every Dealfront user has their own Connect interface. Lists either have to be transferred manually between users, or if saved from within Target, made available to other users.

Similarly, alerts only apply per user account, if multiple users would like the same alert these must be set up for every user.

Learn More About Connect

Discover more about the data available within Connect, as well as how we source it and the available integrations in the Connect Help Center Collection.


Questions, comments, feedback? Please let us know by contacting our support team via the chat or by sending us an email at


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