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What Are ISPs and Why is Web Visitors Blocking Them?
What Are ISPs and Why is Web Visitors Blocking Them?
ISPs create a lot of automated traffic, find out how and why we filter this out in Web Visitors.
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An ISP (Internet Service Provider) is an organisation that provides services for accessing and using the Internet. Usually, internet companies are tracked as ISPs within Web Visitors because they create a lot of automated traffic and so it might be harder to recognise visits from their employees.

Basically, if your website visitor doesn't have their own IP address, they show up with the network name of their internet service provider (ISP).

For example:

  • Website visitor using WIFI in an airport or coffee shop.

  • Website visitor using their mobile network.

  • Website visitor on home Internet.

Please note: There's cases when we are able identify the company behind the home internet connection visit. You can read more here.

ISP visitors are not interesting from a Web Visitors user point of view, since the target is to identify viable prospects – that is, real companies visiting your website and showing interest in your services.

Web Visitors is constantly increasing the number ISPs we block globally, but inevitably we haven't found a way to block everything yet. So when you see an ISP – or in fact any company you don't find interesting – you can just hide it and it won't count towards your credit quota.

If you want to search for ISPs in your Web Visitors account you can search by industry (you can see the industries we have available here).


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