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How to assign companies to other Dealfront users.

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To make it easer to follow the identified companies that are assigned to you, you can assign these to other Dealfront users and set up your Custom Feeds.


Assign a company to a Dealfront user by opening the company's details and clicking on Assign


Select an assignee from the users on the menu. You can also select yourself to assign the company to yourself. Add a comment, if required, and click on Assign.

You can unassign a company by clicking on the Assigned to you button in the action pane of the company and choosing Unassign.

Only users who have accepted the invitation to Dealfront are shown in the drop-down list. Once they accept the invitation, they appear in there, too.

Please note: The assignee of a company will get an email notification. In case this is unintended, you can Tag Companies and Create Custom Feeds for each tag instead of assigning the company.


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