Adding and Managing Tags

Tagging companies can help you organise and create a process for using Leadfeeder. This article addresses how to get started with tags.

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The information era has its challenges. But how quickly can you respond? Leadfeeder has the ability to show the information you need to react immediately.

In this article we will go over how to add a tag within Leadfeeder and using that tag within a custom feed.

How to Add a New Tag:

Tag a company by pressing the Add tag button within the company details. In the pop up window you can see some of our pre-made tags which you're welcome to use.

Create a new tag by writing the name of the tag on the field New tag and click then Create. You can also select a tag that is created before by clicking on the tag.  

Let's say the company in question is your biggest competitor. You might want to tag the company as 'competitor'. You can also set multiple tags per company.

Once added, the tag will show up in the company information.

Finding Companies with Certain Tags

The more companies you tag, the easier it is to filter the tagged companies from your All companies feed.

Let's have a look at how effectively you can filter tagged companies.

To filter tagged companies you should create a custom feed. If you've never created one, you might want to first have a look at the basics of creating a custom feed.

STEP 1: Let's create a custom feed by pressing the Create custom feed button.

STEP 2: Name the feed and then search for the Tags filter.

STEP 3: Once the Tags filter is selected you are able to choose to include or exclude tags for the new custom feed. Find the desired tag and be sure to click Add. Once you've done that just press Save feed. You've now successfully created a custom feed for your tag/s.

STEP 4: You can now check your new custom tag feed by selecting it from the feed list!

NOTE: Remember that you should seriously consider subscribing to email alerts so you get updated every time a tagged company comes back to your website. In the email alerts, you can see what they have been doing on your website and how they got there.

Managing Tags

You can manage all your tags. Click on Add a Tag and you will see 'Manage all tags' at the bottom of the window which pops up, as per the below screenshot.

When you click Manage all tags a new window will open where you can change the names, create new tags, and choose a specific colour for the tag.


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