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How to Subscribe to Custom Feed Email Notifications
How to Subscribe to Custom Feed Email Notifications

Manage email notifications for each feed from inside Leadfeeder.

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You can manage your personal email notifications for each of your feeds from the dashboard of the Leadfeeder app. Admins can alter the notification settings of other users from here, too.

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Automatic custom feed subscription

When you create a custom feed you will automatically be subscribed to receive the weekly summary directly to your own inbox. You can choose to uncheck this option if you wish.

Manual custom feed subscription

To setup email notifications for an already created custom feed, you can do this in two ways:

Subscribe yourself to email notifications

In each feed's summary view, there is a one-click subscribe button which enables you to subscribe yourself to this feed. By clicking on this Subscribe button you will automatically receive the weekly summary for this feed.

If you wish to swap this to the daily summary, or receive both, you can easily check the options on or off using the 'Subscribe' dropdown.

To unsubscribe altogether, you can either uncheck both the daily and weekly options, or simply click the Subscribed button and this will remove your subscription.

Subscribe another user to email notifications


Select which feed you want to manage notifications for and then click on the "Email Subscriber" block. 


Select the user from the drop-down list and click to add them. If the email subscriber is not a Dealfront user, you can type the email address and hit "Enter" to add a non-Dealfront user as an email subscriber.

Choose between daily, weekly, or uncheck to receive no emails at all from this particular feed then click on Save feed.

Daily email notifications are sent every morning at 9:00AM and weekly notifications every Monday at 9:00AM local time based on the timezone that is set in your settings.

Please note: If you hold user management rights you will be able to alter other users' preferences within User Settings.

Remember to Save your adjustments when you are done. 


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