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What Do I Do if My Team Changes?
What Do I Do if My Team Changes?

Find out how to update Dealfront if team members or administrators leave your company.

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Every organization is different, but one thing is constant: change. Keeping access to each of your tools up to date is important to make sure everyone has what they need.

Access can be removed easily by adjusting your user settings in Dealfront. However, in the case of an administrator moving on, it is important to ensure you have everything you need to keep access to your account and integrations.

We go over everything you'll need to look at below.

STEP 1: Check your user access rights. You can easily see who has access to your account in Settings > Company > User Management.

Click through to Access to check the user's Company Access Rights. At least one user must have access to all 4 of the checked options, you can find out more about user management here. If your only user of this level is leaving the business, you will need to either upgrade another by granting them higher access rights (checking addition boxes) or add another with the highest access rights and disable (uncheck) the former admin's access rights.

You can follow this guide for how to add a new user.

STEP 2: Make sure your Google Analytics will stay connected.

Please note: On July 1st 2023, Google shut down Universal Analytics, replacing it with GA4. This stops our Dealfront Google Analytics integration from receiving new data. At this time, there is no new data available to the integration from GA4. We are actively working on replacing our Google Analytics integration with a new Google Ads integration.

You can therefore skip Step 2 for now, we will reinstate it again as soon as possible.

STEP 3: Check your billing information. Navigate to CompanySubscriptions, select the subscription you want to update and click Edit.

Scroll down to the Billing Details section where you will see your existing information, and click Edit Billing Details.

On this page you can amend the company name for the billing details, the billing contact email and the billing address.

STEP 4: Last but not least, certain integrations may need to be updated as well. Your CRM won’t connect if the user that originally set it up no longer has permissions. Use this article to get reconnected.

Phew! You are done! It's hard work, but it's worth it to keep everything running smoothly!

Please note: Only a current admin user can adjust "user" and "billing" settings. If your admin is no longer available and you have no access to their account, please contact our support team via Live Chat within the app or email


Questions, comments, feedback? Please let us know by contacting our support team via the chat or by sending us an email at


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