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Your website and Leadfeeder Account/Company - customization (1 out of 6)
Your website and Leadfeeder Account/Company - customization (1 out of 6)
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When you sign up for Leadfeeder we create an account and a company for you automatically and provide you with a tracker script to put into your website's source code.

Please remember that you can have one Leadfeeder company with one or multiple Leadfeeder accounts. Leadfeeder company is similar to your company (all the clients you get as a company) while the Leadfeeder account could be identical to your subsidiaries or departments (leads from only a specific department or subsidiary) or can correspond to your entire company, depending on your internal structure.

If you choose to have multiple Leadfeeder accounts under one Leadfeeder company there is one tracker. This means that if you have two Leadfeeder accounts and they are under the same Leadfeeder company, both accounts share the same tracker script ID.

Each of your Leadfeeder accounts can have one or multiple websites.

Depending on who you are (an agency with clients vs. a company) and what you need to achieve (take care of multiple websites, accounts, companies) there are different ways to do that:

2) If you are an agency and take care of multiple clients who each need their own company and account, then please follow this article.

3) If you are a company that needs to add another website to your Leadfeeder account, follow this article.

4) If you are a company that needs to add another already existing account to your Leadfeeder company (maybe because you have merged with another company and need to move their Leadfeeder account under your company), please follow this article.

5) If you are a company and need to add a new account to your Leadfeeder company (maybe for your subsidiary that has a different website and you want to keep the leads coming in a separate Leadfeeder user interface), please check out this article.

6) If you need to split up your Leadfeeder account (because you are tracking multiple websites but now you need to have these websites in separate Leadfeeder accounts), please read this article.

7) If you need to move your Leadfeeder company to a different Leadfeeder company, please contact


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