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Split already existing Leadfeeder account (6 out of 6)
Split already existing Leadfeeder account (6 out of 6)
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At the current time, it is not possible to split one account into two/multiple accounts. However, we do have a workaround. For this you will need to create two/multiple custom feeds one for each account.

1) To start this head over to your Leadfeeder web application and click on the "create custom feed" button located in the left-hand column.

2) Next, we are going to give our first custom feed and folder a name. For this example, we will use Account #1

3) Following down the screen in the same column we will go to our first drop-down option to add a filter. For this, we will select "page URL". In the second drop-down we will select "begins with" followed by the third box where we are going to write in the domain, eg., for account #1. Click the "add" button.

4) Follow these same exact steps for Account #2 but use the domain name for the second website.

Then you will get the leads visiting each website separately without having two accounts.


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