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What to do When a Company is Connected to the Wrong CRM Entity
What to do When a Company is Connected to the Wrong CRM Entity
Sometimes companies can get mismatched with the wrong entity in your CRM This article will show you how to resolve the issue.
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Just like your socks, sometimes your Dealfront companies can get mismatched with your CRM entities. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

STEP 1: Login to Dealfront, open Web Visitors and find the company that has been mismatched. Click to open the details about this company.

STEP 2: In the right hand detail panel, scroll down to the CRM section. Here you will find an "Edit" button

STEP 3: Disconnect the Company from the CRM that it connected to.

STEP 4: Back at the top of the company details you will now see a Review [CRM] matches button. Clicking this will take you to the suggested connections available.

When you see the company that matches, click on Confirm and Connect and you're all done!

Please note: These instructions are for a HubSpot CRM integration, but the terminology the entities use does vary depending on your CRM. For example if you are using Dynamics 365 you will see "account" or "lead" instead of "company.


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