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Discover which companies are visiting your website with Leadfeeder by Dealfront

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Leadfeeder is one of the tools within the Dealfront platform. You can use it to see which companies are visiting your website, and use this data to discover new prospects and monitor existing customers.

You can access Leadfeeder directly from the Dealfront Lobby.

Leadfeeder identifies the names of the companies visiting your website to turn anonymous traffic into real company names. You can use it to reveal the exact behaviour of the companies visiting your website, even if their employees work remotely.

You can use this data to make informed business decisions, qualify identified companies for sales outreach or marketing campaigns and analyse it to further optimise your efforts.

Marketing qualified leads (MQL)

  • Monitor statistics (location, industry) for all companies or create a filtered view to see if you’re attracting your ideal customers.

  • Analyse your inbound traffic and content/SEO to optimise your growth engine.

  • Analyse your email and paid campaigns — do your clicks convert into interest and revenue?

  • Promote the right value proposition in LinkedIn retargeting campaigns by building interest based audiences in Leadfeeder.

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

  • Build pre-qualified company lists for each sales person based on geography, industry, product interest, engagement, or company list.

  • Short or long sales cycle? Set up email notifications, or send data to your CRM for new and returning visits in order to reach out in a timely manner.

  • Analyse visit data to build better conversations and engage with your target audience through , not just by pitching.

  • Reach out with the right message, at the right time, using Leadfeeder.

Reporting and Return On Investment (ROI)

  • Close more deals faster with companies pre-qualified for each user and use case. Nurture with campaigns or outreach.

  • Analyse feed statistics to align teams, verify your strategy, and optimise tactics. Are you winning with your ideal customers?

  • Tag qualified companies within Leadfeeder and count ROI based on the revenue collected from those identified companies.

Key Features of Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is designed to help you better understand who visits your website and makes it easy to put that information to use. Here are a few ways we do it:

Identify site visitors: See what companies come to your website — even if they don't leave their contact information.

Track lead behaviour: Find out what pages visitors visit, how long they stay there and gather other behavioural insights you can use to inform sales follow-up and marketing strategies.

Integrate with your CRM: You don't need another siloed platform. The Dealfront platform integrates with your CRM and automatically imports and qualifies companies.

Get real-time alerts: Our tracking code pulls data every 5 minutes, so companies are delivered in real-time in the Leadfeeder app, and our Slack integration via email so you can follow up fast. (Don't worry, you can get these via email as well either daily, weekly, monthly, or as soon as a lead is detected. You can adjust email notifications, and we'll never spam you.)

Powerful filtering features: Create and save custom feeds, for example, companies of a certain size or traffic from a specific Google Ads campaign.

Get started with Leadfeeder and explore the basics in this article to start turning pageviews into pipeline.


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