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Send Identified Companies to Your CRM with Automation
Send Identified Companies to Your CRM with Automation

Find out how to set up an automation on a custom feed it to send these companies to your CRM.

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Companies that land on your website and meet specific qualification criteria can be pushed directly into your CRM. Once you've created a custom feed containing this qualification criteria you then need to set up an automation for this feed.

In this article we're going to look at sending these companies that match your custom feed's filters to your CRM.

Please note: You will need to have integrated Dealfront with your CRM before following the below steps.

STEP 1: Create a new Custom Feed, or Edit an existing one and click on the Automation tab.

STEP 2: Choose the Automation option Send to [Name of CRM]. In our example we're using Zoho, but this will change depending on which CRM you have connected. Click Configure.

STEP 3: At the configuration stage the steps and terminology will differ slightly for each individual CRM. You will then need to choose whether Dealfront should send identified companies to your CRM as, for example, an account or a lead.

You can find guides for configuring for each individual CRM we support below:

STEP 4: After you have set up the desired rules, click Apply, then Add automation and finally Save.

This automation will now send matching companies from your custom feed to your CRM automatically.

Please note: When using automation to create accounts each company identified in the custom feed will prompt the chosen automation. This means that if one company is shown several times due to multiple locations the automation will create these as unique accounts. Different locations are seen as unique companies by Leadfeeder, but may appear as duplicates in your CRM.

Duplicates may also be created in the case of having automations set in feeds where a single company may meet the criteria for several feeds. For example if a custom feed looks for companies in the US and a separate custom feed looks for companies in the print industry, a company that visits and is in the US and the print industry may appear in BOTH custom feeds. If automations are set up for BOTH of those feeds a duplicate may be created in your CRM.


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