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Failed Card Payment Troubleshooting
Failed Card Payment Troubleshooting

What should be done if your card payment fails when creating a subscription?

Written by Aleksi Vassiliev
Updated over a week ago

If you see an error when purchasing a subscription with your credit card you can try various things, which we've listed below. We may also contact you if we see that you've been unsuccessfully when trying to make a purchase.

  1. Make sure your card hasn’t expired by double checking the expiration date

  2. Check that you have enough credit available on your card

  3. Try a different card if you have one available

  4. Call the number on the back of your card and ask your bank why the transaction was not approved

You can also contact us at if you want to ask for more information.

Please note: If your business is registered in the European Union, strong customer authentication it is required. Depending on your bank, when purchasing or adding a new credit card, you need to receive a text message or use your mobile app to confirm the payment - 1 euro might be charged but then returned to make sure the credit card is valid.


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