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Configure Email Notifications in Leadfeeder
Configure Email Notifications in Leadfeeder

It is simple, quick, and easy to configure email notifications in Leadfeeder.

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If you subscribe to Weekly or Daily emails for any feeds within Leadfeeder, you'll see details on identified companies, campaigns, and integrations and links back to Leadfeeder, right in your inbox!

Weekly emails

The Weekly summaries give you a high-level view of the number of leads you received, any action required to make Leadfeeder work better for you, and any new users!

Daily emails

The daily emails give you a bit more detail on your Leads, showing the company names, logos, and visit details along with links straight to the Lead in Leadfeeder.

Please note: The daily emails will always reference the previous day, and the weekly emails will detail the previous week (Monday - Sunday).

Configure your email notifications

It is simple, quick, and easy to configure email notifications in Leadfeeder.


Log in to Dealfront and navigate to User Settings in the menu.


If you wish to edit your own email notifications, click on the Personal tab and select Email notifications. Here you can check on or off which notifications you receive.

You can choose to receive email notifications daily or weekly or not at all by clicking Unsubscribe from all notifications. The changes are saved automatically.

If you wish to up update the notifications for a users, navigate to Company > Users, find the user whose notifications you want to edit and click Notifications.

Please note: You can only configure email notifications for Leadfeeder users if you have User Management Rights.

Daily email notifications are sent every morning at 9:00AM and weekly notifications every Monday at 9:00AM local time, based on the timezone that is set in your settings. These times cannot be changed.

Further notification customization

You can further customize the notifications your receive for the custom feeds you have subscribed. To do this, 'Edit' the custom feed you want to customize, then, under the Email tab, select Advanced email notification preferences.

You will see options to adjust how often these notifications are emailed to you. This functionality is available only to those with User Management Rights.

Share via email

There is also a Share via email automation option, which will send an email for every new company that is identified for the first time

If you don't want to receive an email for each company triggered by this automation, you can set your email preferences in the Email tab to recieve only one weekly email for all company visits instead.

Please note: If an automation sends a company to a Dealfront user who has access to the account, the email includes a link to the company details in Leadfeeder. If an automation sends a lead to someone who isn't a Dealfront user OR that user doesn't have access to the account, the email does not include a link to the company details in Leadfeeder.

With so many notification options to choose from, you can find out about the companies visiting your site in a way that is convenient for you!


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