How often does Leadfeeder update?
When can I expect to see leads in Leadfeeder? How often I see new leads in Leadfeeder?
Written by Aleksi Vassiliev
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How long will it take for me to see leads?

When you get started with Leadfeeder, you install the Leadfeeder Tracker script on your site.

If you have high traffic you should start seeing leads appear withing an hour the initial set up one. On sites that have less regular traffic, you may need to wait a bit longer. Don't worry though, if an identifiable lead comes through we show it to you as soon as possible!

With Premium (paid) subscriptions Leadfeeder updates your leads every five minutes - thanks to Leadfeeder Tracker. Once you are set up and Tracker is installed you have near real-time identification, so that you can reach out faster!

You can also take advantage of our integrations with Slack, your email, and different CRMs. There are a number of different options that you can set up to make sure you can act fast. Check out our integrations page here and read all about automation that can get you the information you need as soon as leads are identified on your site.

Our LITE (free) Leadfeeder version is updated with leads once every 24 hours. If you are installing Tracker on a LITE account for the first time remember that as we update once a day you won't see Tracker 'reporting' for around 24 hours.

We know how hard it is to wait, but good things come to those who wait right? Trust us, we are always moving towards a stronger, better, faster Leadfeeder. You will be the first to know if updates start coming sooner!

If you need extra help, or if you need someone to make sure things are set up properly we are here! Contact support via live chat or for customer service, a quick check, or just a calming thought to pass the time!


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