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Use HubSpot Marketing to Identify Website Visitors
Use HubSpot Marketing to Identify Website Visitors

Find out more about how you can track the website activity of individuals with HubSpot Marketing

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If you use HubSpot chats or forms on your site, you can track the website activity of these individuals. To do so, you need to first integrate HubSpot with Dealfront.

Please note: You can integrate HubSpot marketing alongside any other CRM in Dealfront. To do this, connect the other CRM first, and then connect HubSpot under the marketing integration option. If you later disconnect your primary CRM, HubSpot will be still only be used as HubSpot Marketing for discovering people and not as a CRM. To use HubSpot as a CRM, you need to remove any existing HubSpot Marketing integration and then set up a new integration for HubSpot CRM.

Once you have integrated HubSpot Marketing with Dealfront, you will see a new tab in your Leadfeeder feed called People. This will show you those visitors who have either used a HubSpot chat or form on your website and been tracked via the integration. This will also pick up visitors who have used a home network or visited from an Internet Service Provider.

These visitors don’t show as companies in the traditional companies' list.

After you click on an identified user on the left, their details, including Activity, will appear in the right hand panel. This will show you where the person went on your website, how they arrived there and their visit location.

Please Note: For Leadfeeder to be able to identify the person from the HubSpot chat or form, they needs to return to browse your website after using the chat/form.


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