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Integrate HubSpot with Dealfront
Integrate HubSpot with Dealfront

How to integrate HubSpot with Dealfront

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Dealfront and Your CRM Data

By integrating HubSpot with Dealfront, you can choose to push the Dealfront data we have about each connected company or contact directly into your CRM.

We take absolutely no data from your CRM - this is your proprietary information.

You have complete control over your HubSpot integration setup and can select automatic or manual connection.


You can directly transfer company details, deals and activity from Leadfeeder into your CRM.

In addition, once you integrate, you can send website visit details about your identified companies from Leadfeeder to HubSpot. This will provide extra context for your sales team around understanding intent and support their outreach efforts.

Please note: You will need to be a HubSpot Admin (or at least have write, read, update, append, and append to) privileges for the account you want to connect to Dealfront. Your user rights should not be limited by any field level or record security, or by any validation rule in your HubSpot.

STEP 1: Log in to Dealfront. If you don't have a Dealfront account, sign up here.

STEP 2: Navigate to your Account settings by clicking on the gear ⚙️ icon at the top right of the app.

STEP 3: Select Overview under the Integrations heading. You will see all the integrations available to you. Click HubSpot (under the CRM sub-heading).

STEP 4: You will be taken to our HubSpot integrations page. Choose whether or not you want Dealfront to send the latest visit information directly.

STEP 5: Login to HubSpot if you aren't already and choose the Company you wish to connect to. Follow the remaining steps from HubSpot.

STEP 6: After completing these steps your account will start to sync. Your initial sync can take several hours. The larger the account, the longer it will take.

STEP 7: Once the sync is complete, you should see this screen indicating that a connection has been successful. If you do not see 'Connected', please take a look at our article about explaining the Hubspot Integration Connection Statuses and how to solve any errors.

STEP 7: When you've completed the steps through Dealfront and the integration is syncing, please open your HubSpot account as we'll need to add some new fields.

Open a Company in HubSpot and scroll to the bottom of the About section - click on View all properties. Type "Dealfront" into the search box and hover over both "Latest Dealfront visit" and "View in Dealfront", click Add to your view for both.

Open a Deal in HubSpot and scroll to the bottom of the About section - click on View all properties. Type "Dealfront" into the search box and hover over both "Latest Dealfront visit" and "View in Dealfront", click Add to your view for both.

STEP 8: Congratulations! You've successfully integrated HubSpot with Dealfront. Now have a read about how to send identified companies to your HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot Marketing

You can integrate the HubSpot marketing function alongside any other CRM Dealfront has native integration with. In that case, connect the other CRM to Dealfront first and then HubSpot second. This will give you all the “normal” features that come with CRM integration and in addition, your account will get the Hubspot marketing features:

How Do I Remove the HubSpot Integration?

Removing the integration is a two-step process. Check out this article for detailed instructions on how to remove the integration and uninstall the application from your HubSpot account.

My Admin User Has Changed, What Do I Do?

Choose another user who is both an admin of HubSpot and preferably Dealfront. You can then remove the HubSpot user who is not longer with your company and reconnect the Dealfront HubSpot integration.


Questions, comments, feedback? Please let us know by contacting our support team via the chat or by sending us an email at


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