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Importing a CSV File of Companies in Lists
Importing a CSV File of Companies in Lists

You can add companies to a List by importing a CSV file.

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You can import a CSV file of companies into Dealfront. One of the main use cases for this feature is when you have a list of key accounts, or ideal customers, you wish to then target through Promote, our tool for managing programmatic display campaigns. You can explore the other use cases for importing a list here.

If you have the Sales Intelligence solution you can import a list through Datacare. If you have the Web Visitors Identification solution you import through the Lists tool. We’ll explain how in this article.

Prepare your CSV file

In order to import a CSV file into the Lists tool you need to first prepare a usable CSV file.

Create a 2-column only list of company names and their website addresses in the following format:


Save your file as a CSV. Character case will be ignored during processing, eliminating any prefix such as www is ideal.

Please note:

  • Do not leave empty rows between the companies and website addresses in the CSV.

  • The minimum length of the company name is 2 characters.

  • Instead of adding domains, you can also submit email addresses.

  • Save the file in the UTF-8 encoding format.

  • Only the first 10,000 entries will be processed and the character case will be ignored during processing.

Import your CSV file in the Lists tool

  • Open the Lists tool, choose the Companies tab and select + New List. It is not possible to import a list of contacts (this is considered personal data).

  • Give your List a name.

  • Click Import CSV and navigate to your file on your computer/cloud drive.

    Please note: the file needs UTF-8 encoding, only the first 10.000 entries will be processed and character case will be ignored during processing.

  • Once your file has uploaded, click Add companies to list

  • Review your list. You can also add additional companies by searching for more in Target/Target Basic, or uploading another CSV file.

  • Your final List can be seen within the Companies section.

If you're going on to use this imported list in Promote, you would select it when prompted to define your audience during the campaign setup in Step 1, as advised here.


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